With my four years experience as a freelance writer, I realized that everyday new writers are being born. It’s good to know that a lot of people are into writing and can express their ideas into writing. On the other hand, it can be a threat to someone who is in this business. For every writer born, the competition in this market is becoming stiffer. Clients who are looking for content providers are feasting on the many options available with of course less expenses. A new writer will definitely charge low because a new writer is only after positive feedback. It will take time before they increase their charges.

So what do we do now?

The answer is : TO BE VISIBILE

Visibility to your clients and to prospect clients is the key to have a continuous business. This is by making them see that you are online when they need you. There will be times when a long forgotten client will just ping you and request for your service. If clients learned that your are always there, you will be on their top trusted provider.


You can also send emails to clients from time to time. Once or twice a week email informing them your intent to continue your service to them. Be careful though to clients who abuses. Some may think that you will accept any rate just to have a writing work. Never compromise your standards.

Of course, never fail to upgrade or maintain good writing skills. Your good writing skills is incomparable to your being visible. By continuously providing high caliber contents, your repeat orders will be guaranteed.


(Credits to the owner of this photo at bubblews.com)


One thought on “BE VISIBLE (On Winning Clients)

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