With the increasing number of article writers these days, existing ones cannot afford to be laid back. The competition is stiff and everyone must have a distinct style that can attract clients.

There are no magic formula in writing articles. The basic steps are still the same. These are targeting the correct title, writing informative body, and closing the article that will make the reader wait for your next post.

However, these days, there is one important ingredient that writers usually forget. This is being persuasive. Yes, your article need to be persuasive. Apart from writing information-rich contents, you need to make your readers click the RSS button. This signals that they like your writing and they want to be updated of your succeeding posts. Here are few tips in making your article persuasive.

Don’t be a “Cliffhanger”

Putting some excitement in your article is different from leaving your readers hanging. Just recently I’ve read a “How To” article and I got disappointed because the writer just kept me hungry for information. The contents are so generic. It’s as if the writer is telling me to go and find my own procedures. Then why is it called a “How To” article? This type of writing will just make the reader really disappointed.

Show your Evidences

Be careful what you write for. You’ll never know who will land to your page and read. If a very intelligent reader will go over your post and found some information that lacks validity, you’ll probably be put under investigation. I personally experienced this situation. I thought I’ve written everything in the proper perspective. I ended deleting that post because I can no longer handle the questions from my intelligent readers.

Avoid Rewriting

Some writers go for quantity and not for quality. There’s nothing wrong with quantity as long as you can promise providing original contents. Don’t make the reader think that you only got the thought from other authors, more so, don’t make them discover that you just did a rewrite of a former article. I must admit, I’ve been into that stage. Because I want to earn a lot from writing, I became dependent of article directories and rewrite articles there.  This lead to nowhere as my clients stopped ordering contents from me.

Be Direct

For me, this is the ultimate rule you need to follow if you really want to have a persuasive article. Write as if you are implementing rules that the reader
must follow. Write as if telling the reader that they need what you are writing.


Bottom line, being persuasive is an rather than a science. You need to mix certain group of words. You need to choose them. There is no formula, nor standard format. It all depends on your creative mind.



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