My article writing service company has been running since 2011. I worked as an individual writer a year prior I started the business. With all these years, I can say that the wisdom I gained from every day work cannot be bargained. I thank my clients, colleagues, and writers.

Now, I accept individual writing task but not as much as accepting a team writing task. Honors and praises to all my writers who continue to believe in me and consistently serving our clients. I tell you, managing a team of writers with varied nationality is no joke. Not that they are difficult to manage; but its more on making sure that they will stay with you regardless of the status of the business. We all know that this business is a good provider yet there are lean season too just like in any other business.

So how do I make sure that my trusted writers stay with me all throughout? Instead of narrating what I do, I chose to share what I do not do so they will stay with me.

I Don’t Give them Glaring Working Schedule. I make sure that when they start working with me, our timezone won’t be a hindrance. I ask for their working schedule and instead of them adjusting to mine, I adjust to them. I give timelines in consideration to their timezone. I ask them to submit their writing schedule every week and I try my best to follow what they submitted.

I Don’t Give them Unanticipated Workload. Apart from the schedule, I also ask them how much work they can take. Week on week, they submit to me how much workload they can take so that I will pattern my task distribution according to what their capacity. On the other hand, when I sense that clients will have delays in endorsing the usual projects, I tell them in advance. This is for them to change plans and shift to other things they need to do.

I Don’t Give them Work on Weekends. I have made it clear to my clients that I won’t work on weekends. Because it’s family and me time. I apply that to my writers too. Yes, sometimes, we need to work on weekends but before I dump weekend workload to them, I ask them. If they cannot, they I don’t give them.

I Don’t Overload Them. A writer can only write as much as 3 topics a day. Most of the time, two only. I tell you, even if you are the most talented writer on earth, your mind gets tired. Yes you can write more words, but try reading it and you’ll notice that it has no meaning. 2-3 for me is enough to make sure that quality will never be compromised and to allow the mind to rest.

I Don’t Pay them Monthly. I pay them weekly. We all do this for money. Yes, it may be for pleasure, for the plain sense of writing because writing is your passion, but more to these is because we want to earn for a living. Even if clients pay me monthly or longer, I make sure I pay them weekly.


The photo above isn’t mine. I got it from this site. The featured image of this post is from this site too. Credits to the owners of these wonderful photos.


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