You can write and that is no more a question. But how you can monetize your writing skill is something you should start considering. The freelance writing market is rich and you never can imagine how writing bring money into your pocket. Here are 3 simple steps to follow and then you’re set! The A-B-C Guide to Make Money from Writing


Just because you can write, you can make it big in this arena. Have in mind that there are many promising players like you. Some have already built their own places and you cannot just intrude. So before you start, ask yourself. Do you want to focus writing and make it big? Or you just want to have this as part-time and just be behind the limelight? Both options have promising career. But if I really want to make money, I’ll choose the first option,


Make a portfolio that is extensive, compelling, enticing, and worth reading. Your portfolio is your gateway to your prospects so make sure you can outshine others with it. Though there are many portfolio templates you can download, and you can also hire someone to do it, I do not recommend you doing it. It is best that you prepare it yourself so you will have a hand on every detail that you will include. Making it yourself is also a sort of training as you prepare yourself to be part of the freelance writing world. Again, make one yourself. If you are not yet familiar with the best approach, take time to read and read and read. There are tons of resources online, discover and learn.


Leading sites such as Elance, Odesk, and Freelancer can help you find good and can be long term clients. Just make sure you understand all the site’s terms and conditions so you won’t have an issue in the future especially on claiming your pay. First thing is to register to the site, provide all pertinent information, and then start bidding for work or joining contests. When it comes to posing your writing rate, test the waters first. Since you are just starting, it is not recommendable to post for a very high rate. Check out what others are posting and then level yourself to the newbies.

Overtime, you’ll discover that you have already placed yourself in the position. You are making money without much effort. The only effort you put into is when you write and create high caliber contents for your clients.

I’m looking forward to be seeing your comments here in the future, telling “Hey Chella! I made it!”

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