spinner4 What if a writer used an article spinner? What’s your take on writers using a spinner?

I received a new project from an SEO company. It’ll be a daily post to a fashion blog in USA. I assigned the project to the writer whom I know will be the best fit. She’s a writer whom I’ve known for years and based from our previous projects together, she writes well whenever I assigned her fashion related projects.

But not this time. I initially assigned her 5 posts. When she returned the first 3, I did my usual proofreading and I was surprised to be reading a lot of “off” words. Another thing that pushed me to assign the project to her was she’s from USA. Unlike I, her first language is English. So I was really surprised reading her articles. I noticed that they’re sort of mechanical. As if some words were changed just to pass the plagiarism tool. The words used are not fit to the sentences. They are really “off.”

I rejected all her work and informed her of my observation. As expected, she denies my allegations. But since I’ve been in this business since 2010, I have read tons of articles that are products of an article spinner. To be honest, I am really against spinning. I cannot understand why writers need to do that when they are writing fresh articles. I’ve seen a lot of spinning tools and most are offered free. I tried to use one but it was a failure. The output of my article is really off. I don’t know, maybe I didn’t use the spinner accurately.

But then again, I don’t want this post to be one-sided. While I take spinning out of my personal writing principles, I know for a fact that spinners have advantages.  See this explanation I got from the web:




Based from the above explanation, we need to spin articles so we can submit one to different article directories. Sounds good. Article spinners offer “technical” help. They allow you to create different versions of your article so you can submit to multiple directories, so the product that you are marketing in your article can reach millions of audience. For me, this is okay only if you were the one who created the original article. What some writers do is to snatch a very good article written by another writer and then spin it and then tag the new article as their own. Isn’t it unfair to the original writer? This is the very reason why I am not for it.

See this one too:



I got this from the web. According to the site, this is how a spinner works. Isn’t it tedious? I’d rather write a new article than undergo the tedious spinning.

And this one too:




If this is how a spinner works, I don’t think it is creating fresh contents again and again.

Anyway, I maybe just one against the thousands who are effective in using a spinner. I’m taking this post as opportunity to hear the voice of those who are okay with it. Why do you say it’s effective?

‘Till next post.




2 thoughts on “Is Article Spinning Good?

  1. I’ve been writing for more than 20 years and this is the first I’ve heard of spinning. Talk about not getting the memo! 🙂 Writing an original piece sounds like a lot less work. However, I would lov e something that worked like bitly for SEO. Cut and paste your whole article, click a button, and voile, my piece is optimized. Let me know if you hear of something like that!;)

  2. I had never heard of Article Spinning, don’t care to read about it. It sounds appalling As the S.E. Bureau Chief of Women’s Wear Daily for 20 years, and contributor to dozens of publications back when real journalism existed, no “real” writer could get away with this. I refused to write a story from a press release, never read other articles and insisted on meticulous research, i.e. interviews, sometimes as many as 20 sources. Fact checking was my responsibility. We live in a world where any information can be “proven” on the Internet, exposure is valued over truth and laziness is rampant.

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