To be honest, I’m very saddenned with the negative responses I am receiving from my recent posts. I shared them to the different groups in Linkedin. I received good and motivating responses, but I also received a number of negative feedback. It’s either they say that what I’m writing is senseless or my grammar is off.

wrong grammar


Well, yes, I have to admit that I need to work on my writing skills. I need to perfect my grammar, tenses, and choice of words. I also need to step up in terms of choosing what topic to write. While I embrace all of these to be part of my improvement opportunity, I am thinking what or how my writing should be considering all these.

wrong grammar


When I decided to take the journey of being a freelance writer, I am as excited as a child learning how to walk. I felt so free because I can write all the things inside my mind. My thoughts are being transformed to letters, then to sentences, then to paragraphs, then to an article! The first article I submitted to a client is a blog post about Time Management. I remember being so engrossed to the topic that I beautifully crafted it. It made my client decide to turn that 500 word post into an ebook. That project boosted my morale pushing me to write more. Years passed until I formed my own team of writers and the rest is what is happening right now.

But when I started to publish my work and shared it to a higher level of critics, I was surprised. The high morale I’ve been holding on for a time was replaced by a big discouragement. But wait! I must stop and think

Why am I writing in the first place?

Do I write for those detractors?

Do I write to be criticized?


I write because I want to say something through writing. The words that I speak I  also want to be ink-blotted.

Even if my article is to be submitted to a client, every word came from my every thought and every heartbeat.

Ah, yes, I forgot. It’s not what I write or how I write. It’s why I write that matters.

But please… don’t get me wrong again. I will surely work on my shortcomings in writing. I just need a little appreciation and motivation from you.

‘Till next.  =)

wrong grammar


wrong grammar



wrong grammar


why we write




12 thoughts on “It’s not about What or How you Write. It’s Why you Write

  1. I learned a long time ago, not to listen to anything negative, because there are so many narrow minded people in this world, who have absolutely nothing better to do, except to make other people miserable. You keep on writing, regardless. Don’t let people get to you.

    • Hi,

      Yes, I agree. There are narrow minded people to the point that instead of being constructive, they become destructive. What I do is to just make something good out of it.

      Thank you for taking time to read my post.

  2. 1. Don’t stop writing. 2. Don’t stop studying your craft.

    Pick one topic, study that topic until you know it backward, forward, inside out and upside down…and then move on to another topic. Pay attention to constructive criticism, make notes, and then find time to study/improve in that area. If, for instance, someone points out an error in your work regarding verb tenses, make a note and then set aside an hour or two each week *just to study craft*. Keep a list of your weaknesses–some authors use “it” or “that” or “was” too much, for example–and when the time comes for revisions, take out the list and use it to check your work.

    None of us are perfect, and one of the things I love most about writing–especially fiction writing–is how there always seems to be some new technique or idea we can learn and apply to our work. We should never stop learning, growing, attempting to improve a little with each finished project.

    If you have finished one article, short story or novel, you are ahead of most so-called “writers.” You have the basics, you have the passion…everything else is just icing on the cake. 🙂

  3. You said: “I write because I want to say something through writing.” That’s why we all write, unless it’s just for money. I found the Title of this post to be a big Turn-Off because it actually says “It’s not HOW you write.” I hope what you meant is different from the way I interpreted it. Most definitely, how you write is of paramount importance if you want the reader to keep reading. Basic things like spelling and grammar. Structure. Elements of storytelling. To write random thoughts in your head isn’t going to come close to cutting it. Yes, we all write because we want to say something through writing, but writing is much more than just a conversation with someone. It takes skill, which comes through study and experience. Take care when you Title a post that it won’t be misinterpreted, is my suggestion.

    • Hi,
      Thank you for taking time to read this post. Yes, you are right on this: “I hope what you meant is different from the way I interpreted it.”

      Actually, when it comes to writing, I take grammar as non-negotiable. That is what I am carefully working on. I may not be as perfect as the others, but I am trying. That’s why I write a lot so I can practice.

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