I received an email telling me that my twitter password has changed:

twitter password

I was very puzzled then because I can’t remember changing my password. How did it happen? Who changed it?

The next thing I am thinking is having my other online credentials being compromised. I was at the mall when I read that message and I read it from my mobile phone. Without a blink, I find a secured place to sit and access the internet. I immediately changed my twitter password as advised by Twitter. The change of password was successful despite of me using my mobile phone. When I got home, I opened all my online accounts and changed my password.

For so many times, I’ve seen emails, read articles, and listened to reminders that I must change my password regularly. The online world is but a jungle. There are many wild animals ready to devour your privacy. If you are not watchful, your private information can be served at the feast table and the wild animals will enjoy eating it up to the last bite.


To count, I have more than 10 online accounts to change. But I patiently and meticulously changed all the password. I also made a online reminder so that I can change it again the next month. Yes, I am changing password every month. It’s better to be like this than be a victim of the dreadful online fraud.

If you have the means, you can change your password as often as you can. If you can make it daily, then there’s nothing wrong with it.


I also learned from the IT team of the corporate job I’m affiliated to that creating password is not like creating username. An ideal password must be composed of a capital cases, small cases, number, symbol, and spaces if allowable. It may be difficult to remember but it only takes a paper and pen to jot it down. You need not memorize it, jot it down and keep it to a place only you can access.

To conclude, password is like your private part that you don’t want others to see. That when others was able to access it, it’s like exposing your soul. If you’re someone like me whose life evolves in the online world, you must learn to safeguard your identity and your online credentials. You must start by having a very strong password.



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