I work on at least 3 projects at a time. With the current manpower I have, I need to be careful on how I will execute the project, submit on time, without compromising quality.

The answer to this is PLANNING.

What do you do when you win a bid or receive a new project? Do you grab it right away and start without planning? If you are doing this, then you are heading the wrong direction. It may be effective but not all the time. You need to develop the good habit of planning before you do any project.

When I receive a project, I always inform my client that I will start working on it 24 hours after receiving the project details. I tell them that I spend at least 48 hours planning before starting any project. I spend that 24 hours thinking who from my team can do the job, talk to them, and then execute. I also do my own research on the project given. What is the topic? What resources do we need? How are we going to write them? Then I’ll compose the project proper and share it to the writers and the client. Contingency plans are also included in the project details. I tell the client to be ready for negotiations in case something happens that hindered my team finishing on time.

If planning becomes a habit, doing it will be as easy as 1-2-3. We must not take this for granted if we want to stay long and succeed to this field. Freelance writing is no ordinary job. Like other office jobs, it requires your time and effort. We must not waste energy by jumping into something without appropriate planning.



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