I am from the Philippines. Maybe you have heard the news on what just happened to our country. That is the main reason why I was silent these past days. I can’t get inspiration to write seeing the devastation in my surroundings. Even my clients felt that silence. Good thing they understand my situation.

But writing is my living. So I really need to be inspired.

Well, even if it’s not writing. Even in other aspects of our lives, we need to get going even we are at the midst of a hurtful of devastating issue. During these times, there’s nothing better to do but to get inspiration from other things, from the people around you, even from your own self.

Good thing I saw this beautiful blog post from Jill Celeste. Here is the link:


And this inspirational content from:


These are just quotes to inspire my blog writing. Hopefully, after this good read, I can start kicking.

Actually, I just realized something;

It is my audience that inspires me to write. When I think of them anticipating my next post, it’s like a gasoline filled my mind.

getting inspired to write

getting inspired to write


‘Hope you had a nice visit to my site. Let me tell you a little about me.

I am Chella from the Philippines. I am a freelance writer since 2010 and have written thousands of articles for clients all over the world. I am the owner of the Article Writing Service online company http://articlesatwork.com/. If you have writing needs, feel free to contact me on that site.  I am also a personal writing coach. If you are interested starting a career in freelance writing, I can be of help.


6 thoughts on “Getting Inspired to Write

  1. Hey girl. Thank’s for the reblog… I’m hoping this comment finds you at peace and that soon enough you and your people regain strengths to keep on going. It’s been all over the news over here in Mexico. There are help centers everywhere gathering all the help they can. Even my amazing yoga instructor Michael Wyle has been donating class fees for the past week. Good vibes and love from the other side of the globe ❤ Adri

  2. Hi, Chellalu: I am humbled to know that my blog post is helping in some small way. I hope you can find some therapy in your writing. Best to you.

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