In my years of stay in the writing arena, one single fact remains constant, the beauty of an article can be subjective. Just like a photo, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That is why, despite how perfect your article is, if it did not suit the taste of the client, it is nothing. As a ghostwriter, I cannot debate on that. I have to follow my clients or else I won’t get paid. Yes I can argue at times but they will only hear me out. After that, I have to return to my desk and rewrite.

I found this insightful site while I’m browsing for some references. This is from the site Writing Commons. I read this beautiful article and I wan to share the whole of it to you. Here is the link:


I hope you will also find it useful.

Remember, in writing, we are the masters of our own thoughts. We write what our thoughts dictate to our fingers. However, we must also listen to others’ perceptions. It’s worth taking their thoughts and add to ours.



‘Hope you had a nice visit to my site. Let me tell you a little about me.

I am Chella from the Philippines. I am a freelance writer since 2010 and have written thousands of articles for clients all over the world. I am the owner of the Article Writing Service online company http://articlesatwork.com/. If you have writing needs, feel free to contact me on that site.  I am also a personal writing coach. If you are interested starting a career in freelance writing, I can be of help.


3 thoughts on “Writers’ Issues on Writing Style

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    • Hi, yes of course. I am replying not because I am non-native but because of my vast experience, I met a lot of non-native writers who are far better than natives.

      Writing is also a skill which can be honed and practiced.

      Thank you for your comments.

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