Fact #1 : There are hundreds of freelance writing jobs.

Fact #2: These jobs won’t come to you even if you are the most skilled writer in town.

Fact #3: These jobs can be found in freelancing sites and you have to bid and compete with other writers.

So what do we do now? Create a magnificent bid/cover letter. This is your first entry prior to showing your skills to the client. Your bid letter can make or break you. It is important that you perfect this. Remember, first impressions last.

What do we need to write to our bid letter? Should be write a novel about ourselves? Should we write our resume? When drafting your bid letter, I encourage you to use this:

1. Always remember the 3 “C’s” in writing: Clear, Concise, and Complete.

2. Before you start drafting for your bid letter, make it sure that you’ve read and understood the project proper.

3. Use your “eye for detail.” Clients sometimes ask tricky questions and the answer for these are just simple. Make sure you’ll get it right.

4. Focus on the project not to yourself. This means that you need not oversell yourself. Clients know that the mere fact you are bidding on the project is you know how to write. Better if you focus discussing how you will be able to do the project.

5. Ask questions. Even if you are the most skilled and most experienced freelance writer in town, asking questions to have a clear picture of the project will help you. We do not want ending up with wrong assumptions. Asking questions will also create an impression that you are interested to the job.

6. Bid your rate not too low not too high. Assess carefully how much will it cost you to finish the project. There are lots to consider. You must create your own computation (I will give you tips in my succeeding posts). Computation is different if you are writing alone from the one maintaining a team of writers. You must also consider the competitors.  The key here is to be highly competitive not just in skills but also in market value.

7. When you bid, you must make yourself “reachable” by the client. You never know when the client will respond, so make sure you are there the moment they did so you can quickly answer their questions.

8. Be ready with fresh samples. While some submit previous works they’ve done and it worked for them, I practice a different principle when giving samples. After reading the project proper, I create a 200 word sample about it and attach it together with my bid letter. If you can’t write at the moment, you always ask if the client wants a sample related to the project and submit it after.

9. You may use a template of your bid but do not use same bid letter over and over again. I am guilty of this before. I can bid to 10 projects in minutes. Because what I do is to copy and paste my bid letter. Clients may not see it, but you may not be targeting the project proper if you will use the same bid letter. I suggest that you create your own template to follow and then modify the contents according to the project proper requirements.

10. And here is my sample bid letter:


My bid is (state your price)

I’ve been a freelance writer for (how many months/years). I work 7 days a week and can come up with (how many) articles a day. I purchase my own copyscape to ensure that my articles are plagiarism free. Just recently, I also purchased a grammar checker to also ensure that my submitted articles will be free from errors. I have high regard when it comes to quality and accuracy. That is why, I do not write more than 10 topics a day.

I’m from the (what country). My writing schedule starts from 2000H and ends at 2200H. I go back online at 0200H until 0600H. I can answer to emails promptly. I assure you that I am easy to work with. I am an open-minded person and understands the needs of the clients. You can give me various topics; I do not choose.</em>

I also maintain a team of writers. You can also try my team’s caliber should you have bulk writing requirements. I follow strict operational procedures with my team to ensure that accuracy and quality won’t be compromised.

Should you find my application favorable, feel free to contact me at articles.at.work@gmail.com. I look forward to be your business writer.


Remember that your cover or application letter represents you. No other best person to write it but you. Never outsource your cover letter.


Here’s a snippet from youtube on how to perfectly create a cover letter:


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