Website gurus say that daily posting to your website will help you increase its popularity. True indeed. I am guilty of not posting contents on a daily basis. It’s either I am so busy or I don’t have something in mind. The question is, are these valid reasons? The answer is a big NO. If you are serious in building rank to your website, then you must allot time to work on your contents. And there is no such thing as “I don’t have something in mind today.” The information is limitless. All you need is time to research, to read, and of course to write. I told myself that beginning today, I will spare time for this website. I will manage to post contents that are useful.

If you are like me, probably you can try what I am planning to do to ensure that there will be daily posts in my website. Here they are:


If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” True again. In anything, planning is crucial to success. You’e bound to failure if you execute without planning. My day to day experience when dealing with clients and writers is different from one another. I will use the experiences in conceptualizing the topics of my posts. I will also do advance research on the trending freelance writing topics and share in my own words. Every Sunday, my target is to complete the list of posts I will do. Once I’ve completed my list, then I’m ready for the next step which is to…..


I’ve mentioned that sometimes I am too busy to write. I’m guilty to forget that I can do advance writing and schedule the publish of my posts. We all know that there will always be times when writers’ brain does not function as called to do; and there are times when writers’ brain is so sharp that ideas keep on coming. Maximize the latter. Grab the opportunity to write a lot if your writer’s brain is calling you. Write and write and write. Then just schedule daily publish of your advance work.


This is the most neglected part. With so much excitement publishing a post, the review is forgotten. Writers, never never underestimate the power of proofreading. Even the most seasoned writers hire their proofreaders just to ensure accuracy is taken with high regard,

I think I’m all set. By doing these, I can turn away from the guilt of not doing my daily posts. What really inspires me to write more are the comments I am getting for the visitors. They find this site very useful and it inspires me to share more useful and sensible contents. This, I will also bear in mind whenever I write. This site is for you my visitors.

Oh by the way, are you also in Social Media posting? See this:

About the Author:

Chella is a freelance writer and owns her own article writing services http://articlesatwork.com/


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