I have a day job for 13 years. Nothing is wrong except that I want to have a fallback in case something happens to my day job. What if my company closes? What if something happens to me preventing me to travel to work? What is I arrived at my saturation point that suddenly I want to resign? In this day and age, we all need a back up plan so we can continue the wheel of life rolling. And so I decided to enter freelance writing…..

I am not a journalist or a novel writer. I am just one person who loves to jot down what I do, what I think, what I feel, what I see, and anything. If I know I have to write about a thing then I write it. That’s why, I thank God for blogs, for WordPress, for social media. Because of these things, I can share every bits and pieces of me, of the people I meet, of the things I see, and a lot more.

After a few, I discovered that there is what we call freelance writing. A kind of writing where I can be rewarded after sharing the inkblots of my mind. It was July of 2010 that I started this endeavor. I signed up to a freelancing site and then everything is history. To date, I have written hundreds of articles and to make it more exciting, I have other writers with me.

The good Lord opened this promising door for me. I never realized that this could be so rewarding not only in money but in other kinds. I hope that through this blog, I can share and help other people with the same aspirations.

‘Till next post peeps and I hope everybody is havin’ a good day!

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